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Trust the pro’s! Enviro-Clean Services has got you covered. Here are the 4 P’s to remember when the temperatures drop:

  • Protect People – Dress warmly, in layers, to avoid hypothermia
  • Protect Pets – Bring your pets inside, or give them a warm place to sleep
  • Protect Pipes – Wrap pipes under a home or outside in insulation to avoid cracks due to water freezing in them
  • Protect Plants – Bring plants inside if you can, or cover them to help them stay warm

With arctic air expected to reach our area in the coming days, here are a few things you can do to prepare and keep your home safe.


It is best to stay inside! Remember to keep your family warm and always check on any elderly family or neighbors that may need extra blankets, help winterizing their homes, or a warm place to stay.


Bring pets inside! If you can not bring your pets inside,  place them in a garage or give them a warm place to sleep. Pets can succumb to frostbite and even hypothermia. If your pet looks like it has any symptoms resembling frostbite or hypothermia, call your vet.


You can protect your pipes by covering all exposed pipes. You can cover your pipes with towels, duct tape or another adhesive strip. Make sure they are wrapped tightly.

To keep your pipes from freezing, let your faucets drip throughout the day.

You can also open up the cabinets to let warm air circulate throughout your home. 


Different plants freeze and die at different temperatures. 

If you can not bring your plants inside, you can cover or wrap them with burlap, old blankets or towels, straw or something else to create insulating air around the plant.

If you suspect that your pipes have frozen and burst, or have any other winter weather emergencies, our team at Enviro-Clean Services can help. We offer 24 hour emergency service.  In the event that the unthinkable happens, give us a a call at 985-872-0697 and we will be there to help right away.

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