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When “Clean” is literally your middle name, there’s a certain expectation that exists in the minds of your customers before you meet them. Our name was chosen with this same expectation in mind, as we strive to be known as a company whose practices and employees demonstrate an environmentally friendly and thorough, conscientious approach to the services we perform, hoping always to convey an emphasis on our willingness to serve those in need with the level of care and attention to detail we’d use in our own homes, surrounded by our own furniture and delicate items. Although it’s the reason we are sometimes mistaken for a janitorial company, our name helps to distinguish us from other restoration companies through its focus on cleanliness, and so our focus on each job at every stage of the process is to work as safely and as neatly as humanly possible. No other method has helped us to retain our claims to cleanliness more than the strategy of “clean as you go.”

In the world of construction, cleanliness is not always the main objective. Safety, productivity, time management, and budget analysis typically dictate the level and frequency of cleaning to be done on the job, and in the case of new construction this is all that’s really necessary. We realize that we thrive in a very unique area of construction that makes cleanliness a key component of every objective, from safety to productivity and so on. Furthermore, working inside a fully furnished home after a sudden loss is a totally different environment than your typical construction site, and it should be treated with a level of care even greater than that of the carpenter who framed the house or the roofer who laid down its shingles. We are always conscious of the fact that there are people LIVING in our job site, even if they are temporarily relocated, because it keeps us cleaning throughout the process. In terms of a water loss, where the floor of a living room and hallway are already soaked with water and other debris, we know that there are still steps we can take to minimize the mess while we do what needs to be done. A walkway is cleared and the crew works together, even when splitting up would be faster, to keep one person clean enough to make trips in and out of the house, removing bags of wet flooring from the house or retrieving tools from the truck without constantly tracking up the floors. Even in cases where an entire room is scheduled for demolition, there are certain simple steps we can take to minimize the mess and the spread of unhealthy particulates to other parts of the house. Walkways are covered with floor protective barriers. Air filtration devices are installed, containment barriers and negative pressure controls are set up in the work area, and most importantly, the crew works carefully and methodically to remove debris without creating a bigger mess, cleaning as they go rather than making a huge pile to be dealt with at the end of the day. Once the bulk cleanup is complete, our crew leaders scrutinize every square inch of the worksite again through the eyes of a homeowner. 

Our customers have been amazed by our level of cleanliness and thoroughness throughout all types of projects. By the time our containments are taken down, the workspace is often the cleanest part of the house, since steps were taken from the beginning to contain the spread of dust and debris to a small and controllable area, and in the case of mold remediation, the work area MUST be free of any visible dust whatsoever. By spending more time preparing and setting up in the beginning, we can spend more time double checking and spot cleaning at the end, still finishing on time and ahead of schedule in many cases. We have grown so accustomed to clean working and using the most effective workflow patterns for each job that planning them this way has become reflexive. Restoration itself is no more than a series of cleaning obstacles, and we enjoy the challenge!

Enviro-Clean Services, Inc. has the training and experience to identify moisture sources, evaluate mold growth, contain damage, remove contamination, and more. We are a team that you can count on and trust to bring your property back to how it was before any damage occurred.

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