The Pack Out Process

In the event of a severe and sudden loss in your home, whether from fire or water or a combination of the two, the damage to contents and structural integrity may necessitate the pack out of some, if not all of the contents in the building. This possibility is one of the many things a contents cleaning Louisiana company considers when they meet with you to inspect the property and to develop a plan for emergency and restorative services. A pack out is in order when the level of contamination to contents is such that they can only be fully restored and deodorized at an off-site facility, equipped for processing contents on a large scale in a climate-, traffic- and security-controlled environment. Pack outs may also take place when the structural cleaning and repairs in the affected rooms cannot be completed otherwise. The advantage to having a pack out performed is that all of your contents can be stored and secured safely off-site until your home is completely restored and you’re ready to have them returned. During the intervening time, they are protected from the elements and from acts of vandalism that often accompany large losses. Once an agreement is reached between you, your insurance provider and your contractor on the extent and details of the pack out, the pack out plan is put into action.

On the initial day of the pack out, your contents cleaning Louisiana crew arrives with their trailers or moving vans and a full load of moving supplies, from blankets to boxes, bubble wrap, dollies, carts, stretch film, packing paper and rolls and rolls of packaging tape. A typical pack out crew can range anywhere from three to six technicians and a supervisor or crew leader (These numbers change depending upon the size of the loss and the amount of contents involved). A staging area is designated for equipment and extra boxes, and the crew may split up into two or three units, each focusing only on one room at a time. Each unit consists of an inventory technician and one or two movers. The inventory techs use a digital camera and a written or digitized inventory list to document each and every item before it is moved by the crew, to ensure that each item is inspected and labeled in such a way that it can always be located at any point in the cleaning or storage process. Most companies will attach a physical label to each box or packed item, signifying its original location in the room, an inventory number, the room name and cleaning station, along with the initials of the person who packed it. It is extremely important to have a solid system for inventory and item tracking throughout every phase of the restoration project, and experienced contents cleaning Louisiana Company understands the importance of patience and attention to details when handling contents. Good movers know not to pack up an item before it’s been documented, and a good packing unit knows how to take its time to get the job done right while maintaining a steady flow and eliminating down time whenever possible.

Pack out crews should only remove those items they know to be restorable. If there is any doubt about a certain piece, a test-cleaning is done on site to evaluate whether or not the item should be taken, since insurance companies wish to pay only for the cleaning of items that can be returned to their pre-loss conditions. Items that are simply not worth the cost of cleaning are left on site and later recorded as total loss or non-restorable items, so that you can still be compensated for losing them. By the end of the pack out, your restoration company will provide you with a digital photo inventory, typically on disk or through a private link in your email, of everything that was removed from your home, room by room. This same list will be used on the pack back day as well, to ensure that everything you own is returned to its proper place. Article Written by Nathan Folse.