Soot Solution

After a fire some of the most difficult places from which to remove smoke odors are the air vents that run through a home or office. Even top of the line vent cleaners cannot always get the smoke and grit out of the wafer thin nooks and crannies.
Sometimes fire clean professionals will use thermal foggers to get the odors out, but recently a new solution has appeared on the horizon – a “soot sealing” compound.

It is applied like paint and can be brushed on, sprayed or even “fogged”. It binds smoke, dust, pollen or other fine grit to wood, concrete, cinder block and, of course, metal, when complete removal is impractical.

The soot sealing liquid is providing another step in fire clean up excellence by locking in health threatening particulates and forming a long-lasting shield that makes the undesired odors and residue a part of the amalgam itself.

Soon we anticipate that the fire clean up professional will adapt this remarkable substance to other uses because it bonds with almost any hard surface, is tough, moisture resistant and is clear when dry.

Fires clean up professionals have found a new paint that a major manufacturer claims will absorb odors. It’s secret? Arm and Hammer baking soda is mixed into every can. It will not replace the standard odor reducing techniques we already use, but agents and adjusters can impress homeowner or building manager by pointing out that their choice of Restoration Company went the extra mile and the owner can brag to his friends that he has the “special paint job” that helps reduce odors.