Secret Codes, Learn How Fire Damage Clean Up Professionals Do It

On occasion you might see a restoration/contents professional reading the label on a carpet or upholstered couch or chair. They don’t always find what they are looking for, but some manufacturers are now putting codes on their labels. For example, code W means the dyes used are stable-they will not run, fade or be damaged if water- based cleaning agents are used. Codes X and X/S means that these fabrics cannot be cleaned using traditional solvents, foams, or water- based cleansers. There are about half-a dozen such codes and they each tell their own story to the trained eye of a contents professional. For most restoration professionals they are aware of the environment in which they work. When there are smoke odors and soot they are very careful to avoid cross contamination. They create walkways, they see to it that no particulates are carried from one room to another and they pay particular attention to the indoor air quality.

That is why they don’t use substandard vacuums. Second rate vacuums leak like a sieve said one spokesperson, so mold particles, dust and pet dander can easily escape and wafting through the air, remaining aloft for hours. Contents and Restoration professionals are working in the vicinity of the vacuums, so it is of immediate interest to them that the machines are in excellent condition-they are breathing the air that the equipment produces. They prefer vacuums with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) type filters and high quality replacement bags-that helps keep particulates and contaminants room being released into the air. When soot particles and other contaminants are spread around, it impacts the fire damage clean up professionals and it requires a whole new cleaning job-just when they thought they had brought this one to a close.