Restoring Positive Thinking

As the old saying goes, there is a silver lining to every cloud, and it’s proven that those who can quickly identify them will live healthier lives and be better prepared for those dreadful days of complete overcast. It’s not always easy to look on the bright side of every misfortune, but those who make an honest effort to stay positive often find an even bigger opportunity in the same adversity that riddles others with feelings of hopelessness or despair. This could never be more true than in the field of emergency restoration, where the average day for us involves working with families who are having what might appear to be one of the darkest days in their lives—an unexpected disaster in the home. Whether it’s a flood or a fire, a storm or a runaway washing machine, disasters can happen at any time, and their swift resolution depends just as much on your own attitude as it does on your contractor’s ability to assess and remediate the structure.

As restorers, we know that the last thing you want is a reason to meet us in person. But once that happens, we know that it’s up to us to put our best feet forward and to do whatever we can to help get you back on the right track as well. We do this through our work and the due diligence we give each project throughout the estimating process, making sure that all of your concerns are met and that your home gets the absolute best prescription for a speedy and complete recovery. But more importantly, we do this through our daily demeanor and the positive outlook we “project” on each project. We know that just like sicknesses and yawning, attitudes are highly contagious, and if your newfound negative outlook is suddenly outnumbered by the positive encouragement of a group of technicians who are happy to serve you in your time of need, it won’t be long before you’re genuinely excited about the opportunity this disaster has given you to remodel and to bring a new look to the house you’ve been wanting to make changes to for years.
Even when customers are getting their homes restored to the same exact layout as before, the sudden shift to seeing the “silver lining” still happens when the home starts smelling better, or, as one by one the rooms are cleaned and restored to their conditions before that dark and fateful day. We’ve seen this magic happen many times before, and even though a complete transformation is not always possible (some losses can never be replaced or forgotten), we know that we have gone above and beyond the call of duty when our customers suddenly seem at least somewhat more confident about starting the next chapter of their lives with their heads held high, and that makes us even more positive and emotionally-recharged for the next person who needs our help.

Customer service comes in many different forms, and it’s a rare and unique privilege for a restoration technician, one whose job description primarily revolves around physical labor, to be allowed to provide such a valuable emotional product of support and positivity for their customers, and that becomes our own little “silver lining” on the days we need it most.