Pack Outs—A Modest Proposal

As members of the restoration community, we have acknowledged an unfortunate fact about our services. From the very first knock on the door, restoration companies are asking A LOT from their customers. As a matter of fact, we probably ask more from our customers in one visit than every other service provider who makes regular visits—from the cable guy to the meter reader to the postman, to the pest control and the yard care specialist—combined!

For starters, we ask that our customers let us into their homes at a time when it’s the least convenient and presentable. An unexpected fire leaves no time for cleaning up and preparing for guests, and now we ask that you not only let us in, but give us perfect strangers a tour of the entire place, of each and every bathroom and bedroom, including the Master suite, which might normally be off limits to even the most familiar of your guests. We ask that you not only show us these rooms, but allow us to scrutinize them carefully and methodically, looking through everything you own for signs indicating the level of damage and the types of treatment needed to restore them. We’re asking that you suddenly become an expert in the claims-filing and insurance-funded contracting process even though you’ve never been through anything like this before, not to mention the fact that throughout this entire visit, we’ve been asking you to take your mind off of everything you’ve just been through and everything you’ve lost so that we can discuss what’s about to happen and when, while you’ve still got a thousand other things running through your mind and other important errands to attend to, while your normal life is being turned upside down and you still haven’t settled into your temporary living arrangements, and then, to top it all off, we ask that you allow us to come to your house with a trailer and a moving van to pack up all your stuff and take it back to our shop!!! With a list of demands this high, you can see why supreme customer service is non-negotiable. We ask so much of our customers during such a difficult and trying time in their lives, that we have no choice but to deliver the best possible results in the restoration and rebuilding processes we customize for each home. But before we ask you to sign on the dotted line, it’s important that you understand why a pack out may be necessary and exactly how secure your property is while in our possession.

Reasons for a Pack Out
Sometimes your items cannot be restored on the premises because we need specialized equipment, a clean and sterilized environment, and extra special care and protection to get the job done. Often there is no power in the home as well, and since we can’t clean the structure and the contents simultaneously, the cleaning of one would be impeded by the cross-contaminating effects of the other. Many metal, fabric and paper-based items in your home cannot survive for long without a climate-controlled environment and protection against high humidity. Our facility provides protection from the elements, a cool, clean environment and all the tools we need to clean them properly.

If the fire has made the home unsafe to stay in, it is also unsafe for anything of value to remain there, since the structure could be compromised and more expensive losses could occur if the items are not removed. This will also speed up the reconstruction process, making your home more accessible for the work that has to take place along the walls, ceiling and floor space of the affected rooms, and having the rooms emptied allows us to work even faster, smoother and more safely. Finally, since the home will be unoccupied during the restoration phase, it may be best to have the contents moved out for security purposes, to prevent burglary and looting. Your items will be stored in secured vault spaces in our warehouse with restricted access, surveillance, and most importantly, a company insurance policy that automatically covers your contents as soon as they’re in our custody. Once clean, your contents are stored until you tell us you’re ready for them, then all you have to do is ask and you shall receive!