New Beginnings

There is never a good time for a fire in your home, and the initial shock and trauma that accompanies these types of disasters may seem overwhelming. We have found that after the initial emotional challenges are overcome, most of our customers become excited by the idea of a fresh start and a chance to redesign, remodel or update their homes with some of the features they’ve always wanted but never got around to doing themselves. Another common remark we hear from our customers is that they never knew how much “stuff” they had in their homes until they were forced to look at and inspect it all during the inventory and pack out process. Everyone has those closets and crannies that fill up over time with items that are eventually forgotten and overlooked on a daily basis. The restoration process becomes an opportunity for discovering old artifacts and priceless sentimental heirlooms as well as a chance for some much-needed cleaning and purging of the living space. As proof that there is always a bright side to every dark time in our lives, we have witnessed complete transformations in our customers’ outlooks as their projects progress, helping them find new ways to save space while still hanging on to all those special memories that make a house a home. We have seen our clients’ spirits miraculously uplifted from thoughts of despair to the hope and enthusiasm of a new beginning, revitalizing their minds and bodies with the energy they need to get through the process with sanity intact.

On almost every occasion, we’ve found that our clients are usually more interested in making updates or changes to the original flooring, room layout or other areas, rather than going back with exactly what they had before the damage. Their thinking is that if there was ever something they didn’t like about the house, now would be the time to change it, since the insurance is involved and it has to be dealt with anyway in order to make the house livable again. However, just about every insurance company in every instance will only pay you for the exact kind and quality of materials you had in place before the loss, and this is where it’s important to have a reconstruction contractor on your side who is willing to work with you every step of the way, helping you to bridge the gap between your personal preferences and the budget and strict guidelines of your insurance claim.

At ECS we are proud to help rebuild homes and lives from start to finish. Once the restoration work is complete and your home is ready for reconstruction, our reconstruction project manager devises a specific budget based on your insurance policy and any pertinent information provided by your claims adjuster. This budget will serve as the guideline for all your renovations and repairs, but since we know that there are some things you’d probably like to change as well, we are more than happy to provide separate estimates for any and all of those changes. Our claims management masters will help you prioritize and budget your repairs, even incorporating your loss of use or total loss payments into the budget itself, so you’ll know exactly how much is left for the updates you want BEFORE any potentially out-of-pocket work is performed. Sometimes the flooring you want may be cheaper than the type you had before, and the difference can be carried over into other areas of the budget. We have discovered a need for this kind of customization and flexibility in our field, and we are happy to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decisions for your home’s new look. We love having the chance to give people a fresh start in a clean new home after everything they’ve gone through in the weeks or months following their disasters, and we’re equally happy to help you make all the home improvements or updates you’ve always wanted a reality.