Mold Sniffing Dogs

We have been aware of mold sniffing dogs for almost ten years, and now we think it is high time we added them to our million dollar rolodex. According to James Walker, former director of the Sensory Research Institute at Florida State University, dogs noses are at least 10,000 times more sensitive to smell than a humans – which is why the owner of one mold detecting company purchased Oreo, a dog that demonstrated a remarkable talent for finding mold in family’s homes. Other mold sniffing companies send in one dog that finds the contaminated area, and then sends in another dog to verify what the first one found then fiber optic cameras are used to inspect the area. Oreo relies on her 10,000 times more sensitive nose – and she is never wrong, but the owner of the company where she works still uses every available technology to make absolutely sure. Her owner doesn’t accept mold remediation jobs, “...we’re not in the remediation business, though there are many operators who do both mold inspections and the ensuing remediation. This is an atrocious conflict of interest... We take no commissions, kickbacks or any other form of remuneration from any Remediator.” Oreo has even found mold in a ceiling above her (a thing her trainer thought was impossible) and more than once she has pointed out mold that was in a crawl space underneath the floor where she stood. Some skeptics have asked whether she could have been trained to give false positives (after all they pay her off in treats when she finds the mold), but her owner explains that although this did occur in her early training, she was severely discouraged from such tricks (like scolding a child) and now she never makes an error. She thinks the whole thing is a game and that her owner has hidden the mold for her to find. There is an old adage, “Find a job that you really enjoy and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Oreo is still on the job and she works for fun...and treats. Yes, mold remediation professionals look for mold (and treat it) Oreo even found mold in a pair of bedroom slippers – we think that she and her graduating class may be exactly what a fearful homeowner might need to know the job has been done and done well.