Is Your Crew Experienced?

An experienced restoration company is comprised of a crew of highly skilled and trained technicians with varying degrees and fields of expertise pertaining to a number of disastrous situations, from flooding to fires, mold and even biological waste. A great deal of on-the-job cross training is common in the field, and it’s not unusual for a dedicated technician to become an expert in two or more types of services within the company, though they may only be officially employed in one division.
As time and jobs progress, the crew continues to sharpen and broaden its skill set to take on more complex and unique restoration projects, ever expanding its arsenal of technology, training, equipment and job planning logistics. There is, however, another more important piece to the puzzle when it comes to distinguishing a truly experienced restoration company from one that has simply been around for a while. An experienced restoration crew possesses a keen and unmistakable array of communication, service and all around “people” skills which can only be developed over a life of serving customers who may be feeling traumatized, confused, desperate or helpless. In the unfortunate event of a sudden disaster, the restoration company that is charged with the task of restoring your home and your life will either be regarded as a hero or a villain. There are seldom any outcomes in between, and all of them depend upon the front line representatives and salesmen of the company—the technicians who enter your home on the very first day. If the crew is experienced, you should sense in them an understanding and a level of compassion that transcends the business nature of their visit. You should always feel at peace with the people you invite into your home, and times of great disaster are no different. Though the crew can never know what you are feeling or going through when they arrive to inspect your damage, you should be able to sense whether or not they are truly there to help you. The crew should strive to be a calming and restorative presence in your life as they attempt to restore your property, and a restoration team with real experience has learned to be a comfort to their customers, helping them recover from the psychological and emotional damage of the loss as well. Experienced crews are respectful, polite and reverent people to work with, because they have worked with so many families in the past and they have learned that although each job is different, they are all equally demanding of excellence in customer service and customer support. Sometimes property is not the only thing lost in a disaster, and an experienced crew knows how to conduct themselves with honor and solemn restraint in a home where a loved one has been lost.

The services provided by a restoration professional are different from any other business transaction. Unlike buying a new car or choosing a hairstylist, our services are something that you hope you’ll never need, but when you do, there’s very little time to shop around, and once the decision is made, the purchase is an ongoing affair that could take weeks or even months to finalize. Even when the deal goes great, you’re certainly not thinking about giving any more business to the company in the future! As a result, the restoration crew must itself be made of unique individuals who have what it takes to be the heroes their customers deserve and need during one of the most difficult times in their lives. An experienced crew is run by an experienced administration with a highly selective screening process for choosing potential technicians. Because of the intense physical, sociological and lifestyle- restricting demands of the job, technicians have to feel interested and fulfilled in the work that they do. Anyone who is just looking for a paycheck will never make it in the restoration field, because the sacrifices will be too great if they do not genuinely get excited about helping people on a daily (and often on-call) basis. The technician is a scientist, a laborer, an engineer, a counselor and a listening ear when needed, but always an expert. That is what makes an experienced crew.