Contents Pros Reduce “Cash Outs” for Insurance Companies

With the new flu concerns making headlines and corporate owners facing large absenteeism due to illness, contents cleaners are being called into action to make offices safer for the workers.

A recent report pointed out that there is literally more bacteria on a computer keyboard than on a toilet seat and with numerous employees sharing computers, telephones, photocopiers and other office machines, the odds of cross contamination are skyrocketing.

To meet these new threats, contents pros are employing everything from the new “spray and walk away,” disinfectants to ultraviolet light and even electrolyzed (ozonated) water, but great care is taken to make sure no moisture penetrates the sensitive electronics.
Many contents restoration companies have the capacity to dry out and restore even thoroughly saturated electronics, but they are in the business of mitigating damage, not causing it.

Rule Number 1? Turn off the device before cleaning it.

Rule Number 2? Let it dry before turning it back on.

Business owners and adjusters are welcoming the new “human friendly” technology because it means that office staff can continue to work even when the restoration specialists are on the job right next to them – and the professionals leave a much safer environment in their wake.
On a completely different topic but I thought completely relevant as we are coming upon the mold and hurricane seasons. After a severe flood or high wind storm, mold finds a way to proliferate in many hidden areas, but New Orleans mold remediation professionals have learned techniques that ferret out the frustrating fungus.

Often the professionals find it behind wall paper, along ceiling tiles, in air ducts, under carpet – and now they can “see” it’s hiding places with such devices as “Borescopes,” “Moisture Meters,” and “Thermographic Cameras, “ to find potential problem areas, Mold remediation professionals in New Orleans are always looking for ways to make themselves even more valuable to insurance adjusters, agents and home owners – locating small problems before they become big ones is just another in their long line of skill sets.